Connect Acworth

Acworth Connect!
We are thrilled to unveil the rebranding of Acworth Camera Connection to Connect Acworth powered by Fusus!
Connect Acworth is a partnership between the citizens and the Acworth Police Department, allowing us to work together as a community to enhance safety and security.
As part of Connect Acworth, residents within the city can voluntarily register their personal camera systems. This collaboration will make it easier to request video recording for our police department from participating members of Connect Acworth when investigating crimes in the area.
Rest assured, access and control of your cameras remain solely with you, the owner. By voluntarily registering your camera system, you're proactively saying, "I have a camera, can I help?" This initiative enables us to come together and support our local law enforcement in keeping our community safe.
If you're a City of Acworth resident and would like to sign up for Connect Acworth, please use the link below.
Residents, If you have signed up for Acworth Camera Connection in the past, please re-registered with this link as we're transiting to Acworth Connect Powered by Fusus.

Records Division

Monday - Friday:
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
(770) 974-1232

Police Department

Acworth Police Department
4440 Acworth Industrial Dr.
Acworth, GA 30101

Other Divisons

Investigations: (678) 801-4043

Court Services: (770) 974-0965

Tip Hotline: (770) 975-5826